Massage Lotion - Relaxing Whole Body Rub
Massage Lotion - Relaxing Whole Body Rub
Massage Lotion - Relaxing Whole Body Rub

Massage Lotion - Relaxing Whole Body Rub

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+ Soothes Body
+ Improves Tension
+ Lessens Soreness
+ Helps Stiffness
+ Muscle Relaxation
+ Deep Tissue Control
+ Targeted Relief

Exclusively blended to create a deep penetrating and healing massage experience.
This massage lotion provides a soothing and relaxing experience.  It allows for gentle friction and ideal glide, yet enough grip to do healing massage work on sore injured muscles.  Excellent for deep tissue control work, or as a moisturizing body lotion. This is the perfect Massage Lotion for at home or spa massage use. Leaves skin rejuvenated, soft and nourished.  Lightly scented with soothing peppermint and spike lavender essential oils.

May also be used daily as a skin care moisturizing lotion. Light peppermint-lavender scent.

Perfect for professional or home use

Formulated for sensitive skin.


Never Sticky

Fast Absorbing

No Mess

Easy to Dispense


100mg Full Spectrum Hemp

Our Hemp is Organically Grown in Colorado.
Each batch is tested for Potency, Residual Solvents, Terpenes.

An all-natural massaging lotion crafted to ease sore, stiff, muscles, general aches, and pains.

PLEASING SCENT.  Never harsh.  The aromatic blend of essential oils has been known to increase mental clarity, boost the immune support, whilst creating calming tranquility.


Peppermint: fresh, cooling menthol
Spike Lavender: sharp, fresh, herbal

    • ALOE 
    • HEMP OIL
     TIPS & TRICKS    

    As a Massage Lotion, apply a small amount directly onto areas of soreness and rub in deeply.

    Reapply as needed, until pain lessens or is relieved. 

    Gentle enough for daily use.

    This blend can also be used as a massaging lotion or general hand and body lotion.

    Severe conditions may require multiple applications to see relief.

    External Use Only. Keep out of reach of children.
    Use within 6 months of opening, we do not add preservatives to our ingredients.